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Celeriac – Beauty and the Beast.


In winter, Mother Nature  provides us with a power house of nutrients needed to protect us against the colds and flus that are flying around this time of year.  

Celeriac is quite an ugly, knobbly, root vegetable. Yet, behind it’s warty exterior, there is a treasure trove of surprises. Its wonderful fiberous flesh is rich in vitamin K, phosphorus and calcium, all needed for strong bones. It is a great source of magnesium and potassium, important for lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart.  In addition, it also contains vitamin B6 for brain function and boosting serotonin levels; the hormone to keep you happy through the winter months.

As if that wasn’t enough, celeriac has compounds called polyacetylenes anti-oxidants. These are the jewels of this root vegetable. Research has focused on their anti-cancer properties and their link to suppressing the growth of tumour cells. All that goodness in a 100g of celeriac and just 42 calories! 

So, last night, I experimented with a new recipe. It was so yummy that I wanted share it with you!

In this recipe, celeriac is mixed with lentils, an excellent source of vegetable protein, making this dish a complete meal.  It's perfect for vegetarians, coeliacs, weight loss management, immune support and anyone at risk of osteoporosis.  However, it is important to be aware that it does have a high sodium content.




Celeriac and butternut squash stew (adapted from Caroline Ferrell’s recipe)



2 tbsp of coconut oil

½ celeriac – chopped into cubes

2 carrots – chopped

1 small butternut squash – chopped into cubes

Handful of Cavolo Nero (winter cabbage) - chopped

1 inch of ginger – finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic – finely chopped

1 onion – finely chopped

A sprinkle of cumin powder

A sprinkle of paprika

A sprinkle of turmeric

400g tin of Puy Lentils

¾ l of boiling water

 Juice of 1 lemon



Melt the coconut oil in a large pan and sauté the onion, garlic, celeriac, carrots, butternut squash and ginger. Stir in all the herbs onto the veg.  and cook for 15 mins. Then add the lentils, water and winter cabbage for another 15mins or until the liquid has reduced by half. Just before you take it off the heat, pour in the lemon juice. This can be served with brown rice.






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