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Are you one of the many who are detoxing this January?

Well, here’s some food for thought! Did you know the average person uses about 10 products a day?

This means that everyday on average we absorb about 126 different chemicals through our skin. How?  Lead is often used in red lipstick, aluminum in deodorants and flame retardants on our furniture. Then we drink the BPAs that seeps into our coffees from the plastic cups and eat the pesticide residue that is on our unwashed fruit and veg. This is in addition to all the shampoos, toothpastes, moisturizers, hair dyes etc which that all contain chemicals.


So what does this mean to our bodies? Certain toxins can cause hormonal imbalances, which have been linked to miscarriages, breast cancer, low sperm count and early puberty.  In addition, chemical exposure is now believed to be a risk factor in many auto-immune diseases e.g. lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.


By reducing your toxic load, you not only support your liver but you could also have a positive effect on your entire health and wellbeing.  So, why not start with small changes that you can build on and follow all year round?


Here are some ideas:

1)    Avoid plastic take away cups and bottled water - try a thermos flask and glass bottles.

2)    Read labels on your cosmetics and hygiene products – look out for those that are marked “chemically free”.

3)    Drink plenty of filtered water.

4)    Wash all fruit, veg and herbs.  I use ‘Veggie Wash’.

5)    Add herbs to your cooking such as coriander, turmeric and parsley to aid detoxification.

6)    Buy organic food when possible.


Organic foods can be expensive. So, if you are on a limited budget, check out the dirty dozen list and the clean fifteen list to help you decide which products to invest your money in (


Here’s a recipe to help you detoxify


Chicken and Ginger Soup - For 4-6 people



4 free pasture raised organic chicken thighs - chopped.

1 onion – diced

2 spring onions - sliced

2 celery stalks – sliced

2 leeks - diced

3 garlic cloves – peeled and chopped

1 handful of broccoli - chopped

1 handful of kale - chopped

2 carrots – diced

11/2 “ fresh ginger -grated

¼ tsp of turmeric powder

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

Pinch of salt and pepper

1 litre of stock or boiling water with stock cube (Kallo is gluten and lactose free).



Put 1 Litre of stock in a pan. Add all the ingredients and gently simmer for 20 mins or until chicken is cooked.  Any veg can be used but I have choice the sulpherous ones (leeks, kale, broccoli, garlic) as they support the detoxification pathways of the liver.











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