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Is Stress Taking Over Your Health


Stressed out?

Are you aware that you might be suffering from a stress related illness? 


Are you lacking in energy? Do you crave sweet and/or salty foods? Are you putting on weight? Do you suffer from headaches or skin problems? Are you having digestive issues such as IBS, heartburn and food allergies? Are you suffering from excessive sweating or depression and mood swings? Do you have a low sex drive?


Any of these symptons could be an indication that you are suffering with long term stress. 



So what is stress?

Stress is an emotional, physical or mental challenge that triggers biological changes in the body to help you cope with immediate stressors. In other words, an incredible in-built survival mechanism.


For example, have you ever found yourself running for a bus or a train? Let’s look at some of the biological changes. Our heart rate increases  so we can run faster, our blood sugar levels rise to provide us with more energy, our mind and senses become more alert to the situation at hand and the rest of our body shuts down to preserve energy for survival. This means our immune, reproductive and digestive systems are momentarily put on hold.


In today’s world, our stresses are no longer short term. We have deadlines at work, financial worries, family problems, traffic jams, excess training and poor diets etc etc. In fact, just an anxious thought can trigger this very same stress response and  the whole process starts again. The body never gets a chance to relax.


Finally, after years of being under pressure the body could start to show hormonal imbalances such as infertility, digestive problems, obesity, diabetes, coeliac’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, depression and insomnia. The list is endless. The reality is that 75-95% of doctors visits are linked to stress related disorders.


BUT don’t stress!!

All is not lost!  Your body is actually designed to be healthy. You just need to feed it the right fuel and key nutrients to help it cope with daily challenges and reduce the risk of health problems.


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