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Feeling fabulous inside and out.

Begin on the inside and work your way out!

As a nutritional therapist, I have seen how people's lives can blossom when they adapt their diet to support their individual needs. It gives them more energy, a greater sense of wellbeing and a zest for life.

When we feel alive, we have more confidence and exude positive energy from within.

But it is also so much fun to feel fabulous on the outside too! Julia Vandenburg at the House of Colour in Twickenham ( helped me do just that!

As a style consultant, she showed me what colours suited me best with my skin tone and incorporated these colours into my make up. She wanted me to glow or "pop" as Julia says! And she was right! My face really did "pop"! Using these tones, Julia also showed me what style of clothes suited me best for my figure, height and weight emphasizing all the best features (and hiding the other parts!)

Wow, did it make a difference! I started to feel great in what I wore and felt confidence in everything I did. Julia is brilliant – she is brutally honest and won't let you put something on if it doesn't do wonders for you! Her passion is infectious and you leave her consultations walking with a confident feel good stride!

On a practical side, knowing what colours suit me, made a big difference to my wallet. I no-longer buy clothes that I never wear and everything in my wardrobe goes together – great when packing a suitcase!

Feeling good inside and out can change your life forever!

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