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Vegetable of the month - Jerusalem Artichokes

This wonderful, nutty flavoured tuber can be boiled, mashed, steamed, baked or fried! It is a versatile vegetable giving you an abundance of energy thanks to its slow releasing storage of inulin (not sugar). This vegetable is ideal for anyone trying to lose weight or suffering from diabetes and insulin resistance.
Actually, it is the soluble fibre of the inulin that makes this plant a good source of ‘prebiotics’ which feeds our ‘good gut bacteria’, aids detoxification of toxins and helps lower cholesterol! . However, it is this same composition
that also makes this vegetable notorious for inducing wind! Therefore, I would suggest starting with small quantities and building up!

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Seasonal sniffling, sneezing and sore throats?

It’s that time of year again where colds are going around and spreading like a viral infection. Well, that is because it is a viral infection!  The virus triggers the immune system, which then activates the mucus layer in the eyes, nose and throat causing us to feel all bunged up and ‘snotty’! 

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The wonders of watercress

Vegetable of the Month - Watercress

Making an appearance this time of year is a wonderful, peppery, leafy green called watercress. This plant, once revered by the ancient Romans for its medicinal powers, was fed to their soldiers to fight against diseases such as scurvy, bronchitis and ‘ill’ blood. 

Today, watercress is making its comeback not only because of its rich variety of nutrients but also thanks to its delicious fresh flavour and versatility in the kitchen.

Here’s a wonderful summer recipe that is perfect as a light lunch but is also delicious as an accompaniment to roasted meats. The fresh, peppery flavours of the watercress contrast with the sweet, zesty juice of the oranges. Together, they cleanse the palate and help digestion as well as add a splash of summer colour to the table.

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Are eggs on your Easter menu?  I’m not talking about the seasonal chocolate ones but the eggs that we might scramble, boil or poach!  There’s often a lot of confusion around eggs;  with all the conflicting articles in the papers, it’s  no wonder we don't know if they are good or bad for our health!   So, I thought I would share a few facts with you to help you make up your own mind!

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Chilli peppers can spice up your love life and much, much more!

We, as a nation, love ‘foreign’ foods.  This is possibly because of their exotic aromas and the fantastic array of spices used to enhance their flavours.

There are over 200 herbs and spices on this planet but on average, we only use about 5 of them in the UK!


Herbs and spices are Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.   In fact, when I worked in the jungles of Belize, the local people used the herbs from the rain forest for their every day needs such as for snakebites, fever, antiseptics, contraceptives, headaches etc – it was fascinating to see first hand how they relied on their surroundings to survive and used their knowledge of the medicinal powers available.

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Brussels Sprouts – Not just for Christmas!

As a child, I disliked Brussels sprouts and I know I was not the only one! You either love them or hate them. The latter is mainly due to their horrid sulphurous smell that fills the room when they have been over cooked.

Today, I love Brussels sprouts. So now, it’s become my aim to help the rest of the Nation fall in love with them too!

Below is a very simple, quick recipe for you to try, not just for Christmas day but throughout the whole winter.

Before I share it with you, I just want to give you just a little taster on how beneficial they really are to your health.

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