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Coconut & Cherry Chocolates

Since these chocolates went down a storm at our Fasts Track to Fabulous Evenings, I decided to share the recipe with you, so, you too can make these healthy delicious treats. However, I cannot take all the glory as it was my  dear friend Belinda Blake, who introduced them to me. Thank you Belinda :) 

To Make 26 Truffles ..... 

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Lamb shoulder with broad beans and herbs by Ottolenghi


It’s lambing season so spring is the perfect time of year to be eating this nutritious red meat. Like the broad bean in this recipe, it too is a great source of iron and B12 but iron from meat is more easily absorbed than from its plant cousin. Iron is essential...

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Vegetable of the month - Jerusalem Artichokes

This wonderful, nutty flavoured tuber can be boiled, mashed, steamed, baked or fried! It is a versatile vegetable giving you an abundance of energy thanks to its slow releasing storage of inulin (not sugar). This vegetable is ideal for anyone trying to lose weight or suffering from diabetes and insulin resistance.
Actually, it is the soluble fibre of the inulin that makes this plant a good source of ‘prebiotics’ which feeds our ‘good gut bacteria’, aids detoxification of toxins and helps lower cholesterol! . However, it is this same composition
that also makes this vegetable notorious for inducing wind! Therefore, I would suggest starting with small quantities and building up!

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