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Pumpkin, Sage and Pancetta Risotto

Thank you to Melissa Gatt for doing her Halloween tricks in the kitchen! She turned her pumpkin into an absolutely delicious risotto... What a treat!
Here's how she made it...

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Mushrooms and spiralised cougettes

Tonight I wanted to cook something seasonal, filling and warming! I was inspired by my packet of funghi porcini and this is what I made...

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Coconut & Cherry Chocolates

Since these chocolates went down a storm at our Fasts Track to Fabulous Evenings, I decided to share the recipe with you, so, you too can make these healthy delicious treats. However, I cannot take all the glory as it was my  dear friend Belinda Blake, who introduced them to me. Thank you Belinda :) 

To Make 26 Truffles ..... 

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Lamb shoulder with broad beans and herbs by Ottolenghi


It’s lambing season so spring is the perfect time of year to be eating this nutritious red meat. Like the broad bean in this recipe, it too is a great source of iron and B12 but iron from meat is more easily absorbed than from its plant cousin. Iron is essential...

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Fancy some nuts?

Here is a very quick recipe to jazz up some mixed nuts and seeds - it takes 10 mins and is a perfect snack to take anywhere and for anyone! ‪They are gluten free and rich in good fats, magnesium, vegetarian protein, selenium and zinc........

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The wonders of watercress

Vegetable of the Month - Watercress

Making an appearance this time of year is a wonderful, peppery, leafy green called watercress. This plant, once revered by the ancient Romans for its medicinal powers, was fed to their soldiers to fight against diseases such as scurvy, bronchitis and ‘ill’ blood. 

Today, watercress is making its comeback not only because of its rich variety of nutrients but also thanks to its delicious fresh flavour and versatility in the kitchen.

Here’s a wonderful summer recipe that is perfect as a light lunch but is also delicious as an accompaniment to roasted meats. The fresh, peppery flavours of the watercress contrast with the sweet, zesty juice of the oranges. Together, they cleanse the palate and help digestion as well as add a splash of summer colour to the table.

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Celeriac – Beauty and the Beast.

In winter, Mother Nature  provides us with a power house of nutrients needed to protect us against the colds and flus that are flying around this time of year.  

Celeriac is quite an ugly, knobbly, root vegetable. Yet, behind it’s warty exterior, there is a treasure trove of surprises.


1 butternut squash – washed and chopped into chunks (with skin on).

2-3 beetroots – washed and chopped into chunks.

2 tsp coriander seeds

2 tsp dried oregano

½ tsp fennel seeds

2 small chillies (optional)

1 garlic clove - crushed

pinch of salt and pepper

1tbsp olive oil.



Place the squash and beetroot into a baking dish.

In a pestle and mortar pound all the herbs into course powder. Add in the crushed garlic and mix with the olive oil.  Pour the mixture into the baking dish and mix it in with the veg. 

Bake it in the oven 200 C/400 F for about 30 mins.


This side dish goes well with meats and fish or you can just sprinkle goats cheese on it to keep it vegetarian.

Find out the benefits of this dish.

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Is Stress Taking Over Your Health

Stressed out?

Are you aware that you might be suffering from a stress related illness? 


Are you lacking in energy? Do you crave sweet and/or salty foods? Are you putting on weight? Do you suffer from headaches or skin problems? Are you having digestive issues such as IBS, heartburn and food allergies? Are you suffering from excessive sweating or depression and mood swings? Do you have a low sex drive?


Any of these symptons could be an indication that you are suffering with long term stress.   So what is stress?

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Food of the gods! The Royal Aztecs drunk a bitter, spicy, frothy drink called xocoatl. Today we know it as chocolate.  Like gold to the conquistadores, the cocoa beans were very precious, so much so, they were used as a currency.


In modern times, chocolate is still worshipped all over the world. Yet, it is often perceived as the irresistible temptation and sinful indulgence.

So, for this Halloween, lets take a closer look at this edible gold and find out if it is a trick or treat!

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Breakfast Sundae

Here’s another breakfast idea that the children made themselves in one of our sessions in school that I did with “Eat Yourself Fabulous”. It took them 5 mins to make a very creative, colourful breakfast. They all enjoyed it because they chose the ingredients themselves.  



We had bowls of sliced bananas, stewed apple with cinnamon,  dried cranberries, Greek yoghurt, oats, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds and ground walnuts.


This provides both a crunchy and creamy layer as well as some fruit for a natural sweet flavour.


It  was a great success….

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Breakfast leaves you Naturally High!

Skipping breakfast seems such common practice these days. Time pressures, dieting or just the lack of appetite in the morning are some of the many reasons I hear in my clinic sessions. Working in schools, I’ve also found that about 30% of the children do not have breakfast but picked up energy drinks and chocolate bars on the way to school.  


So, lets just focus on why it is so beneficial to find time for breakie.

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Salmon with avocado and olives and a rich mixture of herby, leafy salad.

Salmon with avocado and olives and a rich mixture of herby, leafy salad.


This simple dish is very quick and effortless and full of health promoting nutrients. It took me 15 mins to prepare and cook!

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Go Nuts!

Naturally High goes walnuts!

Nuts? Are they friend or foe? I can't tell you how often I hear clients say they avoid nuts because they think they are fattening. So, today, we are going to focus on the many benefits that walnuts have to offer, dispelling the myth that they are our enemies!

Most nuts have both Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Walnuts themselves have 8 times more omega 3 than any other nut. These fats are called 'essential' because, like vitamins, we must include them in our diet for survival. Omega 3, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps protect against arthritis, eczema and asthma. In addition, it is believed to increase elasticity in our arteries, resulting in lowering blood pressure as well as increasing HDL 'good' cholesterol. The walnut has been labelled cardio protective.

Did you know that 60% of our brain is made of fat? So, with that in mind, the fats found in walnuts are key to our cognitive function, memory and concentration as well as influencing our moods.

It doesn't end there - walnuts are packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. B6 is especially important, for burning carbohydrates, protein and fat to give us energy. This explains its link to weight loss. Contrary to popular opinion, recent research has shown that eating a handful of walnuts a day helped participants to lose weight. Another study showed, eating a few nuts with breakfast will keep you fuller for longer and helps control both insulin and blood sugar levels, reducing the need to graze all day.

Even the Romans 2000 years ago, used nuts as a cure against poisons, gangrene and hair loss!!! So, folks of the 21st Century, crack open the walnut and make it your friend.

Why not try this simple, tasty recipe and remember nuts are an excellent source of protein.

Beetroot and walnut salad
In a bowl mix 3 chopped, cooked beetroots, a handful of walnuts and herbs of choice (parsley, chives, etc), 2 chopped spring onions and a sprinkle of pomegranates (optional). Season with olive oil and cider vinegar. Enjoy

If you have concerns about either weight management or inflammatory issues please contact Naturally High.

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Valentine's day is fast approaching. It provides us with the perfect excuse to have foods with aphrodisiac powers. So,before getting down to the nitty gritty, remember, everything is best in moderation!

Oysters are the old favourite – according to legend, Casanova ate 50 oysters for breakfast every day! They contain D-aspartic acid found to increase sex hormones in both men and women. Plus they are one of the highest sources of zinc needed for a healthy reproductive system!

Asparagus is another one! Nicholas Culpepper, an English herbalist said, "asparagus stirs up lust in man and woman." That's why in 19th century France, asparagus was served for the nuptial feast.

Almonds, found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, were called the 'Greek nut' by the Romans. They are, in fact, the seed of the fruit, bursting with a multitude of nutrients. It includes tryptophan, the precursor of serotonin the 'happy hormone', said to arouse passion in women!

Finally, there is dark chocolate! Food of the Mayan gods! It is said, Montezuma, the Aztec emperor, drank chocolate daily to enhance is sexual prowess – he had 18 children. Chocolate contains theobromine and phenethylamine, known to stimulate both the nervous system and mood! 85% dark chocolate contains the highest levels of serotonin.

Here's a very easy recipe for Valentine's Day – it's quick and leaves you more time for romance♥!!

Chocolate Almonds Ingredients;

150gof 70% or more dark chocolate
100g -200g whole almonds (with skin)

1) Melt the bar of chocolate in a bowl over hot water.
2) Mix in the nuts – stir and cover with chocolate.
3) Cover a tray with grease proof paper, pour the chocolate/nut mixture onto the paper. Or place the nuts on the paper one at a time if you prefer individual bites.
4) Place in the fridge for 1 hour.


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